What We Do

Over 200 technologies in use


Within the CREATEQ Group, we have experience in software engineering using a wide range of current state-of-the-art technologies, products and frameworks. Our expertise spans the latest technologies in the fields of Java, .NET, PHP, Mobile, Web and many more. CREATEQ implements, operates and maintains custom-built solutions as well as providing open source and commercial products and frameworks.

How do we partner?

Our long-lasting client relationships are based on trust and sharing the same values. Teams and solutions are defined and chosen carefully to exactly match the requirements towards the technology and culture. 20 years of experience in distributed software delivery enables us to find the best and most sustainable and creative solution for our clients.

Our model

We assemble or create tailor-made crews for our partners and can cover the full range of cross-functional software engineering teams.

Our partners value the managed approach we apply. The crews are fully managed by us, providing an Operations Manager covering all needs from both sides: Onboarding, facilitating feedback, capacity planning, training coordination, etc. And discusses with you all needed adaptations in crew size – while we especially love joint growth, of course!

If you are new to the galaxy of distributed development: Don’t be afraid, join our fleet and we guide you through space, dodging any risky asteroid trying to hinder our joint success.

Clients and projects let our planets circle around

Our planets, arranged in their orbit to perfectly support our clients travel through exciting client galaxies. They have approached our mothership with the request to support them with our famous teams in their software development galaxy. Latest tech stacks and culture made us build planets for them, where our teams can truly live up to our “where creativity meets technology” philosophy. Wanna see examples? Wanna join us flying through space?

With this leading energy provider, we make the world a better/greener place! Based in the UK, this client is the first to have the vision to be CO2 free by 2025. You are part of a truly agile team and use the latest technologies and work! Traveling through space is green!

Drive the digital transformation with a digital specialties provider in the airline industry while leveraging the latest technologies available and automating everything! Becoming truly digital in this field of the aviation industry is a hell of a mission!

Define with our team the next e-shop generation of Switzerland’s biggest multi-billion retailer, truly exploring new galaxies!

On our multi location planet where we cover numerous of our locations: Help educating the world with the world’s largest education company! We are enjoying our cultural fit with our client on the edge of agile distributed development – truly sophisticated, integrating CREATEQ as part of their organization. On this planet we offer personal growth, benefitting from latest technology in the e-commerce world.

Smoothen the customer experience with Switzerland’s most innovative provider of photo products – active in 15 countries! On the same mission and with the same vision with colleagues from Switzerland, our engineers make that possible using the latest technologies.

Did we mention we love everything that flies? The leading SWISS airline counts on us with our agile teams and expertise in various technologies! Since over 10 years we are the trusted development partner of the quality airline in the world, providing sophisticated solutions. Latest technologies, combined with unique team spirit and opportunities to grow are the cornerstones of this collaboration. We have 4 different teams integrated in the Swiss client galaxy located organization – fly with us!

Support providing financial professionals with investment technology and services that make their work radically simple! State of the art tech stack and DevOps are interesting for you to travel to? Join this mission!

CREATEQ supports the world’s largest non-American software firm pushing sales on their enterprise multi-channel commerce platform by enhancing their latest Commerce Cloud releases with new features, add-ons and integrations with their entire eco-system.


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Oliver Marjanovic (CEO)