Our Universe

Where creativity meets technology!

Our polestar

We foster our planets
with carefully chosen talents and partners,
growing within our identity
to deliver CREATEQ solutions.

Human is our language

It’s simply in our code. Whatever language we may speak, we are united by the fact that we are people aware of individual qualities, as well as team values.

We deliver high-quality software solutions – like many others claim. We do love and enjoy creating software in all its dimensions, roles and environments. It is in our DNA.

We believe in our crew members’ strengths. Our utmost goal is making our colleagues happy, feeling at home on their CREATEQ planet.

We built an organization where self-responsibility and self-development are combined whilst sharing the same values: integrity, respect, trust, balance.

This makes us and our colleagues always strive for the best solution – applying our expertise, experience and technology in the most creative way.

Welcome to CREATEQ – where creativity meets technology.

Our planetary system

Our entire organization is geared to support our client teams. Since they are all flying within the same orbit and around our coordination teams, we call them planets.

Our clients have direct influence on who is on our planets, starting by being active part of interviews – so they have direct impact on the life on our planets.

Less hierarchy, shorter paths to decisions, with us it is not about climbing ladders, it is about being on the right planets where you can grow over time, reaching your and the teams’ goals.

This is us implementing the latest form of organization consisting of self-organized teams, our planets. The planets have the freedom and the responsibility to develop their project and work in closest relation to our client’s needs.

Orientation and galactic guidelines are given by the inner circle of the system and our clients as the guiding stars, making our planets rotate and travel around all our organization, processes and expectations.

For our clients. For themselves. For our planetary system.